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A clever play on words, true, but its no secret that the deeper the posts go into the ground the more integrity & longevity a fence will have. Below is a picture depicting 3 posts originally installed by a large rival fence company as well as one of the posts I replaced them with. 
There’s no doubt the original installation was completed in record time, the installers picked up the check, & I'm quite sure, received a pat on the back by their employers when they returned to the shop. But after only 5 short years of the original installation, the fence was heaved up by frost & was falling over. The owner of the fence called in the expert, me, Bill Perry, here at OAKRIDGE FENCE. I have over 30 years in the fence installation business with an impeccable reputation & an unmatched work ethic. I dug my holes in the same exact spot as the original installers. But where they dug down a mere 12” - 18” I dug down a full 48”. It took a little extra time, but it was well worth it. He’ll never have that problem with his fence again.
This kind of dedication is standard practice at OAKRIDGE FENCE. We put in the extra effort & go the extra mile to insure that your fence is installed properly so that you don’t have any of these issues down the road. You may pay a little extra for this kind of service but its MUCH less than what you would pay for costly repairs due to shotty craftsmanship.
The next time you have fencing needs, call me, Bill Perry, at OAKRIDGE FENCE. I’ll be happy to give you this man’s name & number (as well as many others) as a reference. I’ll let him tell you the name of the very large rival fence company who was responsible for the very poorly done original installation.  

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No one plants poles as deep as we do. That's what makes fences last---depth. This is why more and more residential and commercial clients rely on Oakridge Fence. Why? Because they only have to talk to us once every 20 years. Call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE!
No project is too big or too small. Call today, make an appointment, we will give you a fair repair estimate or a great plan & budget for new fencing.
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With 30 years of impeccable service, Oakridge Fence is proudly one of the most respected contractors in massachusetts. Check out some of our A+ reviews
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